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Blasting & Satinizing

Blasting and Satinizing

Blasting or satinizing are methods to smooth out a surface and clear out any irregularities with the sol purpose to enhance the cosmetic appearance. Blasting and satinizing can be applied with different methods. The material will be matched with the required technique for the best outcome.

As mentioned, blasting and satinizing comes in different approaches. To give you a fair idea of what kind of approaches we described the four techniques.

1.Blasting stainless steel

The blasting of stainless steel is done in a blasting cabinet. The blasting cabin has quite the size, 8x4x3 meters. It can be used for almost every product there is. The cabin will blast the material until it has a smooth and taut surface.

Professional Satinizing & Steel Blasting

hen you trust the professionals of VERM Services to Satinize and Blast your products, you are assured of the best result.

2.Glass pearl blasting

Glass pearl blasting is used as an efficient method to harden, smooth out and customize the cosmetic appearance. The surface is treated with small glass grit sprayed with high pressure. The outcome is a gray, even surface free from discoloration, oxidation or old paintwork.

This method is often used in the pharmaceutical or food industry due to its hygienic benefits. Any kind of dirt or bacteria has a hard time attaching themselves to the treated surface. The quick and easy technique gives this method its price value and is therefore a very efficient option instead of polishing or grinding.

3.Ceramic blasting

For ceramic blasting we use a hand blast cabinet. In this cabinet the products will be blasted with a ceramic grit. The ceramic grit has a lower roughness, it gives therefore a softer effect on the material. The color outcome of this option is slightly darker than the outcome of a pearl blasting treatment. Whenever there is a need for aesthetic and refined result ceramic blasting is used as the technique. Oxidation, discolorations and dirt will be completely removed by this method.

4.Aluminum blasting

As the last option there is aluminum blasting, it is similar to the technique used for stainless steel products. This technique is often used to remove old layers and coating, or to prepare the surface for a new coating or spray hose.

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