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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti, what to do?

Graffiti could be seen as an artform and there are several examples of crafted paintwork. Unfortunately this is only the matter with a small percentage of these so called ‘street art’. Nowadays you can find these foul tags, scarpings and vulgaire drawings almost everywhere.

Without a doubt you want to remove these paintings as quickly as possible, especially when this is done to your home or company property. Luckily there are options to remove and prevent them.


Often we are asked if there is a way to prevent graffiti. We are happy to say that there is an option to reduce the effect of the work of these vandals. Although you can never completely prevent graffiti, you can make your building a less attractive target. For example you can apply an anti-graffiti coating on your property. This coating will prevent attachment of the paint and if you’re so unlucky to receive another undesirable artwork, it will wash off easily.

How to remove graffiti?

There are three methods to remove undesired graffiti. Which method is most suitable depends on the paint and the underlayer. Requesting the assistance of a professional when having graffiti problems, is always a good starting point. Graffiti isn’t easily removable, an attempt to remove without any proper knowledge could increase the problem. There is even a risk to damage the underlayer.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a simple method in which the water is heated to 150 degrees. This will create steam, which will be high-pressure sprayed against the facade. In most cases the steam will dissolve the paint, for some graffiti a stronger approach is needed.


When steam cleaning isn’t working you will need a detergent. Especially with this type of removing professional knowledge is required. Often the graffiti needs several layers of detergent spraying before it disappears. Wrong use of graffiti detergent could harm the underlayer.


Blasting will be used in case of a persistent ‘artwork’. To remove the graffiti the professional will add a blasting medium such as fine stones or sand to the water.
Professional Graffiti removal

Professional Graffiti removal

VERM Services will restore the Graffiti to the artwork your building was before.!

Before Graffiti removal

After Graffiti removal

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