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Facade cleaning

Facade cleaning

It is easy and well known how to maintain your windows and frames proper, but how will you keep your facade proper? The facade is the first thing your visitors or customers will notice. A clean facade will help improve your first impression. Interested? We will give you all ins and outs on facade maintenance.

What is facade cleaning?

Facade cleaning is the maintenance done to keep your facade proper. Although we take good care of our windows, doors, frames and signboards the facade is usually forgotten. Facades consist of glass, stone and wood and in some cases steel.

A facade could look unmaintained due to polluted air, weather or vegetation. It could cause discoloration and dirty spots which you don’t want on your company facade.

Every facade requests a different approach. The material, structure, location, damage prevention and function of the building will all determine the equipment and chemicals of use.

Professional facade cleaning companies use the latest equipment. For example the use of extendable high-pressure washers with high specifications and steam units specially designed for facade cleaning. An expert is specialised in the use of detergents and is aware of the latest developments of facade cleaning. After the facade is cleaned it can be impregnated by a protective coating.

A facade can be cleaned with the use of:
-Chemical detergent

Do I need to let professionals clean my facade?

A professional facade cleaner is the best solution to increase your building appearance and lifespan. The specialist will know exactly what to do with your facade of wood, stone and glass. The VERM Services specialist will save you a lot of trouble and the outcome is much more satisfying.

Professional Facade cleaning

The professionals of VERM Services will clean your facade with the most satisfying result.!

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