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Pickling Paste & Pickling Liquid

Pickling Paste & Pickling Liquid

Why is it so important to pickle stainless steel?

The duration of corrosion resistance of stainless steel is very important for the metal industry. How do you create corrosion resistance stainless steel? To create stainless steel it needs a surface layer with a certain chromium content of at least 12%. On top of the surface layer forms an oxide film. This layer can dissolve after mechanical operations like grinding, welding and blasting. In time this layer can restore itself.

During this restoration time is the stainless steel not protected against corrosion. The damage surface should be treated with the pickling paste to arm the stainless steel against corrosion. This is in particular for the weld seams, rusting of the weld seams should be prevented at all times. Chemical surface treatment can uplift the chromium content of the surface. This can be applied as a Pickle paste or as spray pickling. Increased chromium content at the surface will weapon the stainless steel against corrosion.

Professional Pickling Paste & Liquid

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Corrosion on weld seams

There are several kinds of pollution on the metal surface that can lead to corrosion. The biggest triggers are often iron particulars and environmental dirt. You can find these particulars in workshops where metal is worked, sharpened and filed. These iron particulars are attaching themselves to the weld seams and thereby damaging the oxide film. The iron particulars cause pitting corrosion and if you are unlucky they run as deep as the well seam, which in the end will damage the construction.

Stainless steel pickling

The heat treatment of stainless steel creates some form of oxides. These oxides are consisting of three types; wrought iron, mill scale and incandescent steel. These forms of oxides must be removed before any rusting can occur. This could be done by pickling, blasting or grinding but the more preferable way is by pickling, especially by the larger objects. Degreasing before the pickling treatment is of great importance. You can use a pickling spray for surfaces who can be exposed to pickling liquid or who are too big for a pickling bath. Of course you can always combine the pickling paste with the pickling spray to get the best result.

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